Last time John Gray came to pay us a visit, he and Pastor Rich had a behind-the-scenes conversation about the culture at VOUS, equipping the modern-day church, tiny jeans, and healthy eating.


They both discuss what it means to go “Into the Night” – being a light in the darkest spaces within our culture. Sometimes we favor playing it safe, rather than going into the unknown. But the heart of Jesus calls us to infiltrate these spaces, bringing the light of the Gospel, and patiently walk with people on their faith journey.

“The process of discipleship is not fast food, it’s full service. We’ve got to be able to walk with people in every area of their life. ”Pastor John Gray

They also reflected on Luke 7, and a message Pastor John preached at VOUS entitled, “No Words Needed.” He showed us how in a moment of desperation, the woman in this passage found herself worshiping at the feet of Jesus. Without words, she poured out her life at his feet and in doing so received a new life and forgiveness for her sin. Religion judges first, but we are to love first.

We’re grateful for Pastor John’s voice in the life of our church. We love when he comes to visit and we’re excited to say that we have the pleasure of hosting him not one, but TWO times in the very near future! You can catch him preaching at VOUS this Sunday, January 29, and at VOUS Conference 2017 at the Fillmore Miami Beach.


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