Servant Leadership is our identity. We say it often, but the real value of the sentiment reveals itself when we succeed in living out our beliefs. Within the church, this means being intentional and direct in sharing our lives and dedicating ourselves to the process of developing people. Leaning in further in our discussion on The Book of Jonah, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. examines three truths in building up healthy leaders and allowing people to flourish.


Often we may find ourselves with the mentality that people will come to us. The reality is that we have to go and pick someone. God went and found Jonah. If God needed to choose a person, what makes us think we won’t have to? Our job is not to wait for the right people but to build the people we have.

How do we build Leaders?

  1. Speak to people’s potential. It’s not up to us to speak to people’s pasts. Let us speak to where they are going and who they can become. As leaders, we need to help people cast a vision into the person God is calling them to be.
  2. Spend time with people. What is this person’s personality mix? What are their gifts? Be patient with people and let them take the time to become who they want to become. Be committed to the journey.
  3. Stay consistent. Nobody likes hot and cold. May we be consistent in our voice of encouragement and in the voice of our training and correction


God gives Jonah a clear expectation of what He wants him to do. Understand, we are not looking for people to do a task but rather to adopt a mission. We are here living out the great commission.

How do you put people on mission?

  1. Give clear expectations. Unmet expectation leads to frustration. Let us be more direct and more clear with our servant leaders. Yes, you’re parking cars. But moreover, you’re helping to build the kingdom of God. Let’s get a bigger vision.
  2. Build a structure. A strong team needs a firm structure. Who are the players? What are the roles? Where is the information coming from?
  3. Systemize feedback and evaluation. Our ideas are not precious. If they don’t work, we’ll move on. Let’s speak into improving things. What areas are winning? Resource and empower the areas that are flourishing and gaining momentum. If the horse is dead, get off the horse and go forward.


Don’t be afraid of giving people the why? It’s healthy to ask questions. What are the reasons behind methodology? People need to know why they are doing something in order to fully engage. “Because I said so,” may work for children, but it won’t work with a quality leader. Remind people of what we’re doing here and what we’re a part of and stay in the process.

How do we share the why?

    1. Remind people of our values. Who we are dictates what we do. Stay close to our core values that are inside us. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are.
    2. Connect dots for people. Yes, 6 AM is a tough time to load in. But people’s lives are going to change from you creating a welcoming environment. Yes, it’s hot standing outside in the heat on welcome team. But the connections we make are going to help people find Jesus, find a home, and find a new purpose in their lives. Zoom out, and get a glimpse of the bigger picture.
    3. Tell stories. Stories inspire. Share the testimonies of victory amongst your teams. Offer heartening accounts from your Vous Crews. Lean on each other through difficult seasons. Someone’s hurt may be someone’s hope.

These steps are simple, but they are not easy. With this in mind, stay true to the process and you’ll find yourself pleased with the output.

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