If I shared all of the circumstances that could have come between my husband and I in the 5 years we’ve been married, you’d be pretty impressed with how we are still together. Especially based off of how quickly marriages end these days.

We chose love even at our weakest point.

A few days ago our Pastors preached about chemistry and how many of us base our love off of the chemistry we have with someone. We become so infatuated with having chemistry, that when the chemistry is gone, we are quick to leave in an attempt to find it again.

Another point that struck me was was the fact that we love when a person gives us butterflies, and even search for that feeling, yet butterflies fly away and so easily we can let love fade. What if you chose to commit to love even when the chemistry goes away or when the butterflies fly away?


But that choice starts with YOU. At least this is the case for myself, which took me awhile to figure out. This past year I realized that I can’t expect my marriage to get better, or for my love to grow deeper, if I am not able to love who I am.