Here at VOUS Church, we believe that generosity is our privilege—and what better way to display this than to give to the community we LOVE so much!

Our amazing servant leaders came out with generous hearts ready to give back at this month’s I Love My City event. We partnered with the incredible Miami Rescue Mission who co-hosted a Cover Girls event for their single mother residents. The Cover Girls work towards raising funds and awareness to aid women and children coming out of domestic violence and homelessness.

Single mothers were dolled up and took the runway to model evening gowns and prom dresses. Meanwhile, at the Women’s Center, a party was thrown for the children that our servant leaders had the pleasure to serve at. Happiness was contagious as we played, laughed, ate lunch, and watched children soar high on swings at the playground with smiles covering their faces.

Next door at The Bargain Barn busy hands organized bookshelves, clothes racks, and home goods donations. Our team filled the room adjacent to the barn and busied themselves assembling harvest bags to give the children.

“It’s so fun to serve together and know that you’re making a fun and tasty harvest bag that will put a smile on a child’s face. There’s always a new face to meet and a new friend to make. It feels great to start a Saturday morning giving back to the city that we love”, said servant leader Jessica Quintero. As we continue to put our faith forward and pour the love God has placed inside us into the Wynwood community, through our projects we will see God move in a way only He can.

I Love My City

Join us this weekend as we go out into the community for our monthly I Love My City outreach. This Saturday, November 21 we will meet at Jose De Diego Middle school in Wynwood to serve the area through a block-cleanup and beautification effort. Get involved today – there is no better way to love your city than to serve it!

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