Women from across the city gathered in Little Haiti on Thursday night for VOUS Girl, a night of fun and encouragement where we celebrate the strength of our sisterhood.

Pastor DawnCherè Wilkerson preached about the path to freedom and the importance of letting God take control. She used the example of Paul, a man who persecuted Christians until he had a radical encounter with Jesus. God called him by name, leading him to what he was truly made for: a life of freedom.

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On the path to freedom, Jesus removes our:


We tend to live our lives as if we’re on a revolving record, constantly finding our identity in what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve done wrong. It’s only when Jesus comes into our lives and renews our mind, taking the record off the record player, that we can let go of the identities we’ve cultivated and instead find our identity in Christ.


Regret is like a spark that can spread like wildfire. A simple regretful thought can quickly affect the way we see ourselves based on the many things we should’ve done. In order to look forward, we have to stop looking back. It’s time to forget about the “should have” and understand that Jesus nailed our regrets to the cross. He left the grave behind, so we must do the same.


With change comes resistance. When God comes to transform our lives, we’d like to be fully accepting of it but we oftentimes resist the work he wants to do in us. If we want to be fully transformed in Christ, we must die to ourselves. As difficult as that is, it’s worth the freedom and rest that comes with it.

Letting go of our burdens is the key to freedom. In order to walk the path to freedom, we have to reject the lies of the enemy. We have to let go of our mistakes and even our achievements in order to be truly free.

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