What is a miracle?

We believe it is a matter of perspective. Some see miracles as things of the past, vestiges of a bygone era. We choose to believe that God still moves today, that we haven’t seen the best of what he has for us. We are surrounded by realities that began as impossibilities. We see God moving in ways that defy explanation. But we’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

VOUS Church is a miracle. What we have seen unfold before our eyes since the day we opened our doors is nothing short of miraculous. God has shown up in the most unexpected of ways. He has surprised us. He’s exceeded our expectations. Against all odds, he has formed a community of faith and friendship in the middle of Miami, creating a home for so many.

In light of the past, we step into the future full of faith for what God has planned. We have our plans, but we know that he directs our steps. Join us tomorrow for our annual Vision Sunday services as we unfold the vision God has placed in our hearts for the year ahead. We know that the vision we project is just a portion of the picture. He has given us a glimpse. How exciting to know that what he sees for us is so much more.

Let’s gather this weekend to imagine the possibilities together.

We love you,

Rich & DawnCheré Wilkerson
Lead Pastors, VOUS Church