What do you want your life to look like?

Who you are today has either happened by design or by default. In order to take steps towards the destiny you have always dreamed of, you need to know where you are headed. A vision creates a picture of the future so you can endure through the present.

Understand that vision gives birth to passion and passion will be the fuel you need to reach your goal. Yet, the bigger the vision, the bigger the opposition. Nothing great has ever been accomplished without real sacrifice. However, vision gives pain purpose.


Having a plan is vital. Every area of your life that lacks a plan lacks progress. Just because we’re coming up on a new year, doesn’t mean that it’s a new you. In life, change is inevitable but progress is optional. Perfection is not the goal but progress is.

  • What’s your plan to finish school?
  • What’s your plan to lose weight?
  • What’s your plan to grow close to God?
  • What’s your plan to start that business?
  • What’s that plan to keep your family healthy?

Every plan has three phases:

  1. Ideation: What are you doing?
  2. Preparation: How are you doing it?
  3. Execution: When are you doing it?

A dream without a deadline is just a fantasy.


After you plan, you got to DO something. Ultimately, for this year to be different, it will require you to do something different. All of us have potential. Yet, potential is just stored energy. For you to release that energy, you have to be put into motion.

This is the scary part. You actually have to take a risk. You have to be willing to go where you have never gone before. Trust God. It’s in the unknown that God makes himself known. The best is yet to come!


P.S. Don’t forget to step into 2017 strong, and join us at JDD for our first Sunday service of 2017! Times are: 10AM, 12PM, 4PM, 6PM

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