This Sunday we ended the month of July with the launch of our 4th service— the 4pm, and fitting this day of new things, we joined in celebration with so many beautiful families who came with their little ones to dedicate their children to God.

Reading from James 4, Pastor Rich summarized James’s message, over the past six weeks, of observing, applying, and praying, into one question—WHAT IS YOUR LIFE?

What is your life?

We live in a world consumed with tomorrow, plans and schedules for the next day, trying to map out the future, trusting in a tomorrow that is not promised. While it’s important to make plans and prepare for the next day, we often forget the most important part of the plan, Jesus. With Jesus included, we can release our focus on tomorrow, and still be hopeful that tomorrow will bring good things.


When we make a decision to follow Jesus, we surrender all of our life; the security of our soul is underway but the security of our plans and schedules are at risk. In today’s reading, James challenges us to a life of mission rather than the boasting of opportunity. James reminds us of the fragility of our lives, a life that is like a vapor, like a mist that is here one second and gone the next. Whether we’re here for twenty, forty, or one hundred years, those years are nothing compared to the eternity of God’s word and promises. Are we living with a temporary perspective or an eternal outlook?

Pastor Rich elaborated with questions to ponder about our own lives: Why am I here? Where am I going? What is my purpose? Where is my time spent? What is the totality of my life?

Things to remember when thinking about what our lives are:

  • If you want to have control, put your faith in the one who is in control.
  • Nothing is wrong with planning, but Jesus wants to be included.
  • God’s will often involves things we don’t want.
  • We can be right in the middle of a storm and still be in God’s perfect will.
  • Vision is a good thing if the Lord wills it. Let’s allow God’s will in our lives, living a life of conviction, not convenience.
  • God is our GPS; his will is the path that will lead us right into our destiny.

As we walk into a new week, we are reminded not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself. Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, death a certainty, but today is an opportunity.

Today, let us take the opportunity to pursue God’s will. We are called to impact a culture and be a light in dark places. We are called to no longer play it safe but to run towards the fire. Let’s call on the one who lives in our tomorrow to help us with this pursuit.


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