Our goal in life should be to love people and use things. But often times, it seems easier to do the opposite – love things, and use people. Jesus’ purpose on earth was to show His love for all people.

Jesus gave commandments to love our neighbors as ourselves; even to love our enemies. It is with this heart that we are committed to allow God to frame our lives. As we continue our collection of talks, we visit the second of the seven values we hold dear – People Are Our Heart.

People Are Our Heart

Pastor Rich cautioned us as we go about our deadline-driven lives, to be careful in not seeing people as projects. Project have start and finish dates— but we are to have a sense of compassion to see people from Jesus’ perspective. Such perspective has nothing to do with who they are or what they can do for us – our job, is simply to serve people.

“Our heart is for all people.” Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

Here are two things we can do to frame our hearts to serve people:

Be Committed

We need to be intentional about our love for people even when it seems difficult. Pastor Rich gave the analogy of “treadmill Christians.” Many of us prefer working out in settings we can control: Have the level of intensity set just right, and adjust when we feel like it while staying in an air-conditioned building. But when we take the workout outside, where we have no control of the hard surfaces or the elements, we feel levels of discomfort we didn’t know existed. So it is with our dealings with people – we need to learn to leave our comfort zones while our expectation should only be our commitment in seeing them as Jesus does.

Be Creative

Real ministry gets messy. The men in the story of Luke 5 had to get to a roof and make an opening from that roof to get the paralyzed man in front of Jesus. Sometimes, our lack of creativity is simply a lack of effort. Our prayers should be for God to break our hearts for the people around us. That we become less creative with our excuses and more creative with our efforts in loving them.

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