Ageless, fearless and limitless women came together once again in the heart of Little Havana for another magnificent night at VOUS Girl.

Hundreds of women of all ages and different backgrounds shared this night with excitement, joy and worship while strengthening our sisterhood.


Vous Girl is for every girl…

Kind girl
Wise girl
Brave girl
Generous girl


Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson shared a message to all girls, about what it means to be a VOUS Girl – that you’ll never walk alone. She encouraged us around the idea of balance and how sometimes, just a slight change in weight distribution can cause your entire life to go off balance.

At times, we don’t feel balanced in life and at the same time, we try to place too much weight on ourselves. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed, but when we place our entire weight on Jesus by trusting him, he’s able to bring ultimate balance into our lives.

We have to recognize that we are not the balancer in our lives, but the Holy Spirit is.

Balance guided by the Holy Spirit leads us to walk by faith, not by sight, and to stay planted in community. What a perfect word as we gathered together as a community of women in Vous church!


We asked some girls in our church to discuss what being a Vous Girl means to them.


What does being a Vous girl mean to you?

“Being a VOUS Girl means that I have a strong support network of women that I can rely on.” – Michelle Grosser

“That I can. That I have a purpose, and I want to help other women find theirs.” – Andrea Garcia-Marquez

“A VOUS Girl is a girl who can stand out in a crowd, not just by the way she looks but the way she carries herself. She is someone who is confident in all aspects of life.” – Hannah Keating

VOUS Church Miami FL

How do you spread the message of Vous girl to women in your life?

“I just let people know no matter what you have somebody that’s walking with you to help push you through tough time, encourage you, with the word whenever you need lifting up or just congratulate you. When you’re happy I’m happy.” – Tiki McBayne

“I share my faith, and more than that, I share joy, kindness, and love to other women.” – Allie Thomas

“Every day, I try my best to raise women up, to encourage them, and to push them forward instead of trying to compete with them.” – Joamna Ramirez

What makes you generous?

“Generosity comes naturally to me. My favorite things to give are hugs and smiles!” – Allie Thomas

“Sometimes life gets really busy, but I try to remind myself what’s important, which is having the time for others and helping to bring heaven to earth in others’ lives.” – Hannah Keating

“I live with intention. I invest my time intentionally. I don’t mind giving up time for the things that matter.” – Andrea Garcia-Marquez

Name a woman in your life who inspires you.

“My friend Manouchka [Charles]. Whenever I’m going through a hard time, she’s always there to encourage me and lift me up. She’s just an incredible friend to me, and she’s somebody that I admire and I look up to.” – Tiki

“My boss, she’s not only my boss she’s my friend. I admire her career, marriage, motherhood, and her friendship as a woman. She is all for raising up other women and giving them opportunities and putting chances in their hand to do what they do best” – Joamna Ramirez

“My mom! My mom really inspires me because she raised a family of 5 kids, and every Sunday, she always had us at church by 8:30. She showed me what it means to live faithfully.” – Michelle Grosser



God created us for community, and it’s his desire for his girls to build deep, Godly friendships through the church. VOUS Girl is a gathering of women, where every girl belongs, every girl contributes and every girl matters. As a VOUS Girl, you’ll never walk alone!

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