Women of all ages, generations and walks of life joyously gathered for the first Vous Girl of 2017. Grandmothers, mothers, and daughters all united under a sisterhood of strength. It was a night filled with encouragement, excitement, and passion that resounded through the building. The faith of every Vous Girl was strengthened and their journey was given new purpose and life.

Pastor DawnCherè Wilkerson spoke to the heart of every girl with a message entitled, “Home is Always a Journey.” Heaven is our home but the journey there is one we walk by the side of Jesus and surrounded by a sisterhood of strength. She encouraged us through the life of Mary Magdalene, seen in Luke 8, who was conflicted, burdened, and suffered with much. Mary, however, was transformed to become a powerful woman who walked beside Jesus and helped build the Kingdom of God. In her journey, there are notable factors that will help us while we walk out our journey.