Life isn’t fair. We all can relate to that sentiment. Yet expecting a problem-free life isn’t just unrealistic, it weakens us when the inevitable trials occur in our lives. But, what if we see those trials as joy?

It can be confounding to the natural mind— in fact, trials might be the last thing on our minds when we think of joy. But as friend of the house and guest speaker, Pastor Erwin Mcmanus, reminds us, not only can we train ourselves to see trials as a source of joy, but simply expecting an easy life can be a lack of faith on our part.

“Trials are the aromas of God, telling us that God is about to work in our lives” Erwin McManus

The Elusive Nature of Joy

Reading from James 1, Pastor Erwin showed us James’ command to the believers, to think of many kinds of trials as joy because the testing of their faith produces perseverance. Faith is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to develop. When we allow our faith to be tested, we reap the benefit of finding joy— even in trials— because through the testing of our faith we develop perseverance.


“We believe God’s ultimate responsibility is to keep us from trials. But if he does, he’d also be keeping us from ultimate joy.”Erwin McManus

Somehow we find it difficult to believe that God will remain faithful to us when we’ve been dealing with some trials for a period of time. This is where we need to be like the Israelites in Deuteronomy 8, as they believed God for their daily sustenance in the form of manna. Let’s believe in God’s provision for each day and have joy in the promise he’s given to us for the future. Then we can have the strength to persevere in any kind of trial.

Our prayer is that God strengthens your spirit and grants you wisdom so you may persevere, be made whole, and find joy through each trial and temptation.

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