VOUS Church was full of life this Sunday as people gathered with friends and family to celebrate Easter. Everyone showed up in their best pastels and the kid’s ministry was hopped up on Jesus (and maybe some Easter candy).

It’s a new dawn, a new morning, but the same victorious story. The resurrection of Christ doesn’t just signify the purification of our sinful nature but also, the open door to a relationship with God. It’s a day of reflection, a day of celebration, and a day of hope!

Pastor Rich delivered a powerful message on the weight of the resurrection and it’s meaning in our lives. We looked back on the aftermath of the darkest Friday in history that left all of the followers of Christ in suspense until early that Sunday morning.

The Day Death Died

The simple truth is, we will all have a meeting with death – point blank. Here’s the kicker; when we think of what death entails, we think of death in the natural sense with little attention given to its true meaning: separation from God as a result of our sinful nature. Jesus voluntarily went to the cross and died for our sin, defeating death so that we may no longer be separated from Him.


“Jesus didn’t just die FOR you he died AS you.” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr

We can live a life knowing the best is yet to come because of the sacrifice Jesus made that gives us a future and a hope.

At times, we can find ourselves looking at life through the lens of our own pain— unable to truly grasp the truth that is right in front of us. Yet as Pastor Rich reminds us, even in the aftermath of our darkest moments, God is still at work. We can rejoice in victory knowing now that Jesus voluntarily conquered death on our behalf. Jesus is alive!


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