It was another chilly and windy day in South Florida as we reached for our sweaters and jackets to brace for the 50s and falling temperatures this weekend. Yet the chill couldn’t contain our excitement for our favorite day of the week: Sunday!

For many, this weekend also represented an opportunity to share living rooms and unofficial gathering spaces with family and friends as the world turned their attention to celebrate The Big Game, otherwise known as Super Bowl 50. Our VOUS Church family is no stranger to celebration, and celebrate we did— all day long!

Songs In The Night

Pastor Rich kicked off the first Sunday of the month by initiating a conversation that brought clarity and conviction to many with a message entitled Songs in the Night.

It’s easy to sing songs when everything in our lives are perfect. When we have money in the bank, cars paid off, and family getting along. But what about those moments of struggles and disappointments? Can we muster the courage to find a song of worship in our hearts in the midnight hour of our lives? Pastor Rich challenged us to take a peek into the lives of Paul and Silas who were imprisoned for doing the right thing and in the darkest moment of their lives, lifted their voices in songs to God.


“Here is the power of worship: God inhabits the praises of his people, when his presence shows up he turns your prison into your purpose!”Rich Wilkerson, Jr

The songs we sing are not our songs to make us feel great— but during our worship, to remind ourselves of God’s greatness. Our situations start to change once we realize our worship is a weapon against the enemy of our faith. When we worship, God’s presence is with us and any situation that was once a prison can be transformed into our purpose.

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Creative Collective

​​Creative Collective

This Wednesday night, we will be hosting our first ever Creative Collective at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Creatives, join us for a night of culture, creativity, and community.


Little Haiti Cultural Center
260 NE 59th Terrace
Miami, FL 33137

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