There is possibly no better way to describe the atmosphere this weekend at VOUS Church than an atmosphere of worship. In a reverent moment calmly set amidst the glow of the lit stage we gathered, on this 9th Sunday since our launch day, to take communion together for the first time as a church.

While the music swelled and filled the room, it was hard not to notice the intensity of worship setting the tone in both services. The sound of voices soaring in unison framed the backdrop for moments of heartfelt expressions of praise and arms raised heavenward. It was evident that God was present.

A Town Called Nain

Pastor Rich continued to share from his sequence of talks in theme with his upcoming book, Sandcastle Kings, explaining that although our circumstances may look bleak and irreparable, God specializes in making all things new. As our compassionate, loving Creator, He shows up at the right time and restores, providing us with a purposeful life that can only come from Him.

“We all find ourselves in different seasons of life, in our own “Nain” where some are going through moments of great happiness as others undergo tragedy and loss. Even though we come to church with smiles on our faces, if we are honest with ourselves, we can admit that we are all dealing with our own private struggles.” Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

Turning around to look at some of the faces of those in the audience, you can see individuals who seem to have been lifted in spirit with smiles across their faces. Some have come unexpectedly finding answers to the questions on their hearts, strength to continue on in their journey, and a new perspective of where their foundation needs to be. Others came to find a home, and give their lives to Jesus.

Sandcastle Kings Pre-release

After each service people lined up to get their copies of Pastor Rich’s first book Sandcastle Kings. We are so thrilled that as a church we get to be a part of this story. It was beautiful to see our church family surrounding our pastor with love, smiles, and some sharing beautiful stories of how their lives have been impacted by VOUS Church thus far.

Overall, we’ve ended another chapter at VOUS Church with our hearts full.

We say it all the time, but it can’t be said enough— the best truly is yet to come.

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