To be part of this weekend at VOUS Church was to be home, and for many— to find home for the first time. It is evident in the smiling faces across the room that this is not just another weekend at church.

Before the doors open and the lights turn on, before even one note has been struck by the team, or a single word is spoken from the platform— God’s plan has already been set in motion. Our assignment week after week is to simply respond and celebrate the move of God in our midst.


A Church Renowned

It was hard to deny the move of God this weekend in both our 11AM and 6PM services as we lifted our voices and our hands toward heaven. Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free Chapel in Gainseville, GA surprised the 6PM crowd with a visit and brought with him a word of encouragement just for our pastors and our church.

How To Amaze Jesus

In the second installment of Sandcastle Kings-themed messages, Pastor Rich asked a thought-provoking question: in what way are you amazing Jesus? There are two ways we can amaze Jesus: with our great faith or with our lack of faith. Our faith has to be attached to Jesus–it isn’t attached to the miracle, it’s attached to the man!

“Until God is placed in the proper order, your life will always be out of order.” —Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

We can hardly wait until next week to continue writing this story together— but as always, there are plenty of things happening this week to keep us connected until then!

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​​Creative Night

We love creativity and we LOVE creative people! Creative Night is just what it sounds like— a night for creatives. Find yourself surrounded by people representing the many teams that collaborate to build VOUS Church from Worship to Photography to Production and more! We would love to meet you in Wynwood on Wednesday nights at the Miami Rescue Mission. This Wednesday night we will be having a Social Media Team Training. For more info, follow us on social media @vouschurch.

See you next week!

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