As the first heroic rays of sun broke through the bleak sky this weekend at VOUS Church and teams lined the entry ways to welcome church family, a spirit of gratitude and anticipation set in. A common thread knit us together, united under one cause and purpose, to lift Jesus’ name.

Faces flashed smiles pronouncing “It’s FINALLY Sunday!” Worship exploded from the stage with energy. With hands raised high, a heart of surrender flooded the atmosphere.

“God is closer than you think in the midst of your situation even when you don’t feel he is.” Rich Wilkerson Jr

Pastor Rich brings us to Luke chapter 7 where we find John the Baptist in jail, awaiting death after speaking against King Herod. Only now, we see a facet of John the Baptist we have never seen, a vulnerable John, questioning if Jesus really is who he says he is.

It is in our deepest moments of honesty that Jesus comes in to help us with our unbelief. We see John, a man of faith, who has done all the “right things” now struggling with doubt because of his present situation. Yet in the midst of John’s weakness and doubt we see Jesus bragging on John. He goes as far as to say that John is the greatest man born of a woman, WOW. While John doubts Jesus, Jesus is bragging on John.

“When God gossips about you he brags on you. He doesn’t point out your weakness, he only sees your deepest potential”, Rich Wilkerson, Jr.