VOUS Church was buzzing with excitement this weekend as people arrived to worship at both our 11am and 6pm services. We have seen such a beautiful picture of God’s family being developed each week as we meet people from all walks of life who are encountering God and making the decision to take steps towards a deeper relationship with him.

This week we delved further into our series, I Did It On Purpose and Pastor Rich shared part 4 entitled What’s In Your Hand. To discover the specific will of God you must look at what He has placed in your hand. What you have is exactly what you need to walk out your God given purpose! You can actually win in life with the hand of cards you have been dealt. The question is, do you know what’s in your hand?


“You can actually win in life with the hand of cards you have been dealt.”-Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

​VOUS Podcast

Our hearts were stirred by this powerful word on faith, identity, and the calling God has on our lives! If you missed it this Sunday, check out VOUS Church podcast to listen to the entire I Did It On Purpose series.

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VOUS Crews are ON this week and we’re launching FOUR new crews! Make sure you check out our website for more info— you can sign up for a specific crew, or just head on out to one of our many locations this week! We’d love to hang out with you!

​CREATIVE NIGHT: ​You’re Invited!

Each Wednesday our creative teams are gathering to build teams, craft our skills, and ultimately grow together. This week, get your cameras ready! Our Photo / Video team will be presenting a hands-on session for sharpening your shooting skills in a low-light situation.

What a great week to look forward to! See you at CREWS and Creative Night!

—Is it Sunday yet?

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