Thank God for Sundays! — that’s how we feel coming out of a great week together with our church. As chapter 7 in our VOUS Church story unfolds, we take a moment to look back at some of the highlights and get ready for a great week ahead!

After an amazing I Love My City outreach on Saturday, our church was eager to gather again to celebrate, worship, and be enriched by God’s word. People came streaming into both the 11AM and 6PM services to be with friends and make new ones as we journey through life together.

“Often the things we tend to build our lives upon in and of themselves are good things. But a good thing becomes a bad thing when we try to make it the foundational thing.” —Rich Wilkerson Jr.

In Pastor Rich’s message titled ​Common Castles, ​the first of several to be based on his upcoming book ​Sandcastle Kings, ​he walked us through the four common sandcastles we tend to build on: self, others, the world, and religion. None of those things make great gods and none of those things hold the power to save us.

Growth Track

We had our first graduating class for Growth Track! As everyone completed the first round of classes, they were placed in a team that compliments their individual gifts and personality type. Growth Track kicks off another round next Sunday at 1PM!

VOUS Crews

We love Sundays, but thankfully there are so many ways to stay connected with us throughout the week. VOUS Crews will be happening all around Miami! Pick a location on Monday, Thursday or Friday and come hang out!

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​​Creative Night

Creative Night is this Wednesday at Miami Rescue Mission and all creatives are welcome. For details on location and more information, follow us on Instagram: @vouschurch.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you are encouraged!

From all of us here at VOUS Church, have a great week!

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