With expectant hearts and an excitement that is both seen and felt, week 25 kicked off in celebration— It’s Baptism Sunday! The scene was set as it always is with positive vibes and smiling faces, but this week there were food trucks, a DJ, special t-shirts, and pools filled with water awaiting those participating in our baptism after-party.

Whether it was your first time or a long time that you’ve been coming to VOUS Church, this weekend we celebrated together as family all of those who made the public decision to declare their faith.

Collisions With Christ: The Baptism of Jesus

Have you ever had an encounter that held the potential to change the course of the rest of your life? Pastor Rich opened up his talk, the first in a sequence entitled Collisions With Christ. In life when we encounter a significant person, that moment of collision holds the potential to change our life— to literally alter the course of our future. When we encounter Jesus, that collision also holds potential to change not only our life, but our eternity.

“Our collision with Jesus changes every part of our lives because we don’t just have a life change we have an eternity change”Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

Pastor Rich emphasized the key role John the Baptist played in setting up the stage for Jesus’ mission on earth. John was the opening act to Jesus. Our mission is to be the opening acts to Christ’s headline in our lives. To show the world that Christ doesn’t cover our sins, but he does something greater, by canceling them completely.

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As Pastor Rich invited those being baptized to get ready, cheers broke out across the auditorium. From this moment on, this was a celebration. As people streamed into the courtyard cheering groups gathered all around. Some planned this moment with towels in hand while others stand in tears embracing loved ones who did not expect to be lead to this place.

Upon reaching the baptism pool, emotions surfaced and brought tears of joy to many. Their private decision now colliding with their public display of faith. Wiping our own tears, we thanked God for the work he began and continues to do at VOUS Church. We can hardly wait to see what God does next!