How do you turn a middle school into a church? If you go to VOUS, at one point or another, you may have heard this question, or have even struggled to envision this yourself. It’s kind of farfetched to think that we can do church at a middle school right?

Yet, the skepticism fades before reaching the parking lot at Jose De Diego. By then, we have already been warmly greeted by smiling men and women directing traffic and holding signs telling us that we belong at VOUS Church. Once we walk into the courtyard, we will find that we have arrived at a family friendly destination bustling with energy. From the warm welcomes, to the kindhearted VOUS Kid’s Leaders serving in our kids ministry, to the stunning set up in the sanctuary and courtyard, none of this could have been possible without the faithful dedication of our servant leaders who work tireless to make all of this possible.

Servant Leadership: Is Our Identity

On this metaphorical path of life, we tend to rev up our engines, speeding down the road to greatness. Although this road may seem like an attractive route to take, it leads us nowhere. Thankfully, we have a GPS system that’s able redirect our path toward a life of purpose and eternal reward.

Jesus, who is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” gently guides us, leading the way to discovering our true purpose. He lights our path, showing us that we reach greatness in His kingdom through service.

“If serving is beneath you, leadership is beyond you!” Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

After arriving in Capernaum, Jesus asked the 12 disciples to share what they had been discussing during the trip. They were arguing with one another, trying to figure out who is the greatest. Instead of naming one specific person, Jesus said, “If you want to be first, you have to be willing to be last.” This is because we are all meant to be great, but the key to reaching our full potential is through service.

We tend to be a lot like the 12 disciples. We want to reach our purpose, but we don’t want to submit to the process of getting there. We live for the audience of our peers, trying to find we can get from others. Yet, when we look to God, we are able to discover what we are able to give.

Because the enemy tries to destroy us and the lives of others, he manipulates the truth. The path to greatness is through service, and the road to purpose is going to be difficult; however, we should find joy in the roadblocks ahead. Our moments of breakdown are someone else’s breakthrough. Even our wounds become someone else’s wisdom. We shouldn’t feel discouraged that there may not be anyone to cheer us on, because as we serve, we are clearing the path for others to find Christ, and because of this, our eternal rewards will be great in heaven.

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So by now you’re pumped, and ready to put this value into action, but where do you start? Here are a few practical ways you can start immediately.

Join a Team!

One of the most practical ways to start living out this value, is to simply get involved by serving on a team! No matter your gifts, talents, and calling, there is an area for you to serve in this house. Don’t wait another week to get involved! Take a look at the different areas you can get involved with!

Join a Team


Every month we gather to do I LOVE MY CITY outreaches in partnership with organizations all over Miami. This Saturday, April 30, 2016, we are meeting at Jose De Diego middle school to engage in a few different service projects for those in our community.

Put love into motion and join us for I LOVE MY CITY.

Jose De Diego Middle School
3100 NW 5th Ave
Miami, FL 33127

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​​Creative Night

Want to be at the forefront of the creative expression of VOUS Church? Or maybe you’re just learning about your gifts and want to find out more. Creative Night is designed for you!

This week our team training is focused on Social Media, specifically Snapchat. If you have a passion for all things social and communications, please join us at Miami Rescue Mission this Wednesday at 7:30 PM

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