We’ve always believed that the way you start something often dictates the way you finish. A strong start can often provide the momentum for a strong finish. What better way to be reminded of this principle than this weekend as we pressed in and stretched ourselves to make room for more.

As we made the leap from two services to three, we saw how a posture of strength in these beginning moments helps carry the vision of the house. From the beginning we prayed the Lord would provide not just a little but that as we stay faithful God would grow his church.

No words needed

Pastor John Gray definitely left us without words, but full of encouragement and passion when he preached a bold message entitled No Words Needed.


“People are good judges for your sins and good lawyers for their own sins.”Pastor John Gray

Preaching from Luke 7, Pastor John showed us how in a moment of desperation, the woman in this passage found herself worshiping at the feet of Jesus. Without words, she poured out her life at his feet and in doing so received a new life and forgiveness for her sin. Religion judges first, but we are to love first, because we do not know the struggles others are facing. Religion tries to put shame on you, but Jesus came to take the shame off of you.

“The days of religion are gone and days of relationship are upon us.”Pastor John Gray

The world is desperate for change, and desperate for hope. We are called to be a church that loves first, and walks with people through their pain. No matter how long it takes to let God do his work in their lives. Let us be a church that always opens our hearts for the broken.


Here’s Your Chance!

In the 6:00 PM service, a very special guest to the house took the stage to bring yet another word of encouragement and challenge to us. Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Sr. delivered a message entitled Here’s Your Chance! which challenged us all to look around our world and ask ourselves “What can I do to make the world better?” Pastor Rich reminded us that we are called to bring change into the world around us. In a world where it is often easier to curse the darkness, we are called to light a candle.


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