Sex could be an uncomfortable topic to talk about in church, but the truth is, it doesn’t need to be. Often, people will look in many places for advice about sex before looking to see what God has to say about it. Yet, as the designer and creator of sex, we should know that God is the ultimate authority on the topic.

Sex is a gift and byproduct of love. It was created by God, for man and woman, within the confines of marriage. The church places much emphasis on the idea of this battle to keep one’s virginity. What if we went a little deeper and focused on empowering a generation to pursue purity instead? Purity is simply acknowledging that God’s way is better than our way, in all areas of life. So, let’s talk about sex. Not because it’s the trendy thing to talk about, but because it’s a Godly thing to know about.


The world speaks on the subject openly but it is so often wrapped in words of confusion and lies. Here are some common lies that we hear about sex:


There is a thought out there that everybody is doing it, having sex outside of marriage. But not only is following the crowd simply a lowering of our moral standards, it’s making a false assumption. We should not expect praise for living at the worlds standards. The truth is we should seek to live according to God’s standard. Not to deprive us and make our lives smaller, but to bless us and make our lives bigger.


Sometimes our world writes off the effects of sex because they reduce it to just being a physical act. But, why is it that when we are asked what our deepest regret in life is, many times it falls into the category of sex? Sex out of the context of God’s vision can cause long lasting emotional and spiritual wounds that pierce the soul.


Let’s be honest, we are sexually compatible with thousands, if not millions, of other people. On the other hand, being relationally compatible is the challenge many struggle with today. Sex should not be the foundation that we build a relationship on. We do not have to treat others as objects and take them out for a test drive. If we get distracted by sex outside of marriage, it could confuse what is actually needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

So what exactly is God’s vision on sex? Let’s explore three Biblical purposes for sex:


Procreation is a reflection of God. Within marriage we are a reflection of God. In Genesis 1:26, God says, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…” The “us” that God speaks of is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Similarly, when a married couple come together they form a new flesh, becoming one, yet three at the same time. It is a representation of God’s creative nature. God literally gives us access to take part in his finest creation, to conceive new life, through sex.


Sex was created to be pleasurable. The world may want to reduce the image of sex in marriage as unpleasant and unexciting, however sex becomes better and more enjoyable in a healthy marriage as years go by. In fact, sex is a tool that draws couples closer to each other as they navigate life’s obstacles.


In 1 Corinthians 7:5, Paul gives the prescription for sex to be used as a form of protection. Essentially, he tells us that sex should be happening often and only, when it is mutually agreed upon, to take a break for prayer! Sex is insulation from the attacks of the enemy that aim to enter our marriages and tempt. Paul’s message is clear- if you lack self-control, have sex with your spouse.

It could be argued that there is nothing that can destroy souls more than sexual sin. Yet, God, with his passionate protection, gives us all a way out of falling into sexual traps, whether single or committed in marriage. Today, take hold of God’s greater purpose for sex. Declare sexual purity and watch as your identity is made security in Christ.

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