Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s a dream of starting a family or making strides in a career path, it’s hard not to find yourself wandering down the road of imagination from time to time, envisioning what the future could hold.

Many times, the dreams we hold in our heart are words we heard from God; dreams that He placed there specifically for us. It might take time for those dreams to come true, but when we know it’s from God, it’s worth the wait.

But what happens when the wait seems to be taking forever? Did God forget the dream? Did He give it to someone else?

While it’s tempting to go down that path, the Bible assures us that God never forgets the dreams He gives us, even if we forget ourselves. But sometimes, a dream has to be tested before it can be trusted.

Through the life of Joseph, we learn about some of the tests our dreams might go through before they fully come to pass.

1. Rejection

Rejection is one of the most common fears that plague people today. Unfortunately, people often go through life feeling overlooked, unnoticed, and unappreciated. Some even get rejected because of their success! Rejection is everywhere, but rejection can be a critical part of God’s plan for your life. Joseph’s rejection was a precursor to his God dream. Although he was rejected, he was still favored by God and by man. Despite the pain, the rejection, and even several years in prison, Joseph still ended up as second in command over all of Egypt.

Without a doubt, on your journey to your God dream, you will face rejection. That rejection is often an indicator that you are on the right track to following that dream.

Rejection does not equal failure!

2. Temptation

It is easy to agree that if most people were to overcome temptation, a great deal of their lives would be a lot more productive.

God’s children are called to live a life of greatness. Unfortunately, temptation is an enemy that distracts us from our God-ordained life.

Temptation must be overcome.

And it’s possible to overcome it by implementing habitual patterns for victory in the areas where we find ourselves tempted. By living vigilant lives of prayer, surrounding ourselves with the right people, and putting boundaries into place before we even come face to face with temptation, we’re setting ourselves up for victory from the start.

Joseph faced temptation in the form of Potiphar’s wife. He was probably tempted to be with her, but he set clear boundaries and refused to even be around her. He resisted temptation.

The most interesting part of Joseph’s story, though, is that even though he passed the test and did the right thing, he was still falsely accused thrown in prison.

Which leads to the next test.

3. Isolation

Joseph must’ve felt like he hit rock bottom when he landed in that prison cell. He was alone and seemingly forgotten. Many of us would feel foolish for believing the dreams we had at all. In moments where you feel totally alone, it’s easy to feel like your dream wasn’t from God in the first place.

But Genesis 39 says that even while he was in prison, God was with him. Joseph understood that isolation is just a period of incubation. Sometimes, God sets us apart so that He can have all of our time. He wants as much of our attention as possible, even if that means taking us away from the crowds from time to time. In seasons of isolation, we can fully prepare ourselves and refine our gifts, so that when the time comes and God calls us, we’re ready.

Nobody likes to be tested, but it’s during these tests that our dreams can become fully realized. If we’re not prepared, then there’s no point in our gifts and dreams anyway! If you’re feeling discouraged, take heart. All of these tests are just a reassurance that God is doing something big in your heart and in your life.

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