Easing into the realm of parenting…wait, that’s not a thing. This Father’s Day weekend, we take a look into the hearts and minds of some of our new VOUS dads to discover the honor, truth, humor and great unknown of stepping into fatherhood.

Sam Gualtieri, father of Cash

“Is there a YouTube video for that? Swaddling. Diaper changing. Bathing. Some cool way to hold a baby to keep him from crying. I literally YouTubed my way into fatherhood preparation. And guess what? That cool baby hold really does work.”

Jean Costume, father of Urih

“Being a dad has been my greatest journey yet. When I look at my son, I see love manifest. Love in the flesh. I can finally say that I have held love in my hands and looked love in the eyes. A love I tend to cherish and watch grow. Now my son’s going to read this one day and think I’m a softy.”

Tiago Magro, father of Kaius

“I never thought babies would go to the bathroom so often. Like, how many wipes do I use? Dang man, I just changed you a second ago!”

Jason Rosado, father of Dylan

“In the same one minute span I think, I have the most difficult kid on the planet. And then I think, I have the greatest kid to ever be born (besides Jesus of course). I’ve also realized that what was gross before, is no longer gross. I’m convinced that there is no amount of poop that will scare me at this point.”

Michael Manjarres, father of Ezra

“The day my son was born I realized the importance of being a leader. I understood in that moment that my son will follow in my footsteps. That realization was scarier than seeing him be born.”

Jeff Grosser, father of Amory

“It’s 4 PM and I’m still in the shorts I slept in last night. I haven’t done anything today. Bottles, pacifiers, strollers and car seats, rocking her to sleep. Crying, crying, crying. Loud jet decibel screams. Diapers. Am I already getting a dad bod in just 30 days? This is my life. I get to live for someone besides myself now. Goodbye freedom. Thank God This is my life. That wasn’t sarcasm. I promise.”

Luke Barry, father of Roman

“What does that sound mean? What if I drop him? Oh God…one day he’ll be a teenager. Is he breathing? Can he eat this? He’s mad about something. What does he want?! Thank God he has a mom. He’s the cutest thing in the world. I’m literally obsessed with him.”

Santiago Saltos, father of Santiago

“I thought I was ready for this, but I guess no one is ready. No one is prepared. But that’s ok, I’m looking forward to living out this amazing journey with my son, learning and growing every day.”

Dwayne Golden II, father of Dwayne III

“Is it ok to call your son, ‘bro’?”

Drew Piersa, father of Riley

Is she still alive?! Phew…. Wait, you sure?

Kendrick Fereira, father of Elijah and Joziah

“That moment you feel the need to call your parents and apologize because you finally get it.”

Father’s Day at VOUS

Pops deserves your time. After firing up the grill, grab the family, head on out to VOUS and join us in celebrating dad.

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