“Always have a Plan B.” We hear such advice at some point in our lives. Incorporating a “Plan B” mentality serves the best intentions: To ease the pain of disappointment, if the goal of our focused actions doesn’t materialize, like a “fall back plan” – Plan B, often, doesn’t require the same level of commitment. But, what if we flip the script on Plan B’s meaning and maintain our singular faith in life’s journey? Even when we hit detours: unanswered questions and unexplainable, life-altering events that might rob us of our present joy in God’s promise that gave the opposite outcome.

On this Baptism Sunday, Pastor Rich shed light on those trying times and encouraged us to dig deeper in our commitment to Jesus with the story in Daniel 3 of three Hebrew men:  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a message titled “Even If . . .”

Even if

History has shown us that the greatest moments happen during times of the greatest adversities. The story of these Hebrew men is no different.  The commitment to their faith in God was not based on their circumstances.  They believed God could, and God would deliver them from the furnace. But the fascinating thing was when they said “even if” God did not deliver them, they still would not bow to the king’s image.


Pastor Rich challenged our anthem when the pressures of life intensify or God doesn’t perform the way we expected.  This is when our “Even If” faith should emerge, and he highlighted three ways to get such faith:

1.  Sit with someone

Life wasn’t meant to be done alone.  We have to sit with people of like faith to encourage us in our time of need.  This is why we gather in church and small groups to sharpen one another’s faith.  Commitment tends to last in community.

2.  Stand for something

We should stand in the private decisions we made to follow Jesus and do so in spite of daily distractions.  The strength in our private commitment will give us the courage to make a public stand for Him.

3.  Walk through anything

Jesus never promised us problem-free lives. It’s important to get plugged in to what God says in His Word.  So during challenging times, we do not lose focus. But like those Hebrew men, we can walk through the fire knowing we have the Fourth Man, Jesus with us.

Hence, message resonates with Baptism – the public confession of our inward decision.  We sit to be submerged in water showing the death Jesus paid for our sins.  We stand from the water showing the hope we have in Jesus through His resurrection and with that hope, we can walk in our everyday lives, with our faith in Jesus knowing He walks with us.

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