Today was a meaningful and powerful day at Vous Church! We spent the past 21 days praying and fasting for our city and our lives, and as we close this season, we joined in the celebration of those who decided to go all in with God.

This Sunday not only marked the end of our #prayerfirst fast, it was also the celebration of declarations. Through baptisms, we saw many make a public declaration of their decision to put God’s purpose before their own. It may seem like an ordinary Sunday, but God did something extraordinary on this day.

Divine Appointment

Our lives are full of moments and experiences that shape us and determine the course of our lives. But it is a special moment when God uses his creation and his word to execute his powerful plan for our lives. That’s the moment where our lives are changed forever. When he takes our rejection and uses it as direction for an even greater plan. That is when our extraordinary God steps into our ordinary life.


It is that life changing moment, connection, or event, where the world’s messages are blocked out, that we connect with God. Many showed up dry expecting an ordinary Sunday, not realizing that they would go home wet because a divine appointment came to wreck their Sunday plans. God showed up in a way that only he can; unexpectedly. In that divine moment we are reminded of who he is. Jesus, the Lamb of God who came to Earth to take away our sins. And not only our past mistakes and sins, but the sins of our present and our future. WOW! The scandal of grace. The fact that a perfect God died for an imperfect world.

On this day we saw over 80 people make a public declaration of their private decision to pick up their cross and run with faith and purpose with Jesus. They each took a plunge with Christ into the water leaving their past mistakes and fears behind, and emerged from the water with their Savior and a crowd of loved ones and friends celebrating their commitment!

That in itself was a divine appointment that spoke to the hearts of not only the people who made the decision to be baptized, but also the entire Vous family who watched the beautiful event take place. The air was thick with the spirit and love of God. The day served as a divine appointment and confirmation that we serve a perfect God who lived and died for an imperfect world.

The World is looking for a method but God is looking for a man. Pr. Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Is that you? How easy it is to deem our life as unimportant or not impactful. All it takes is availability and obedience, and obedience to God involves doing things we don’t want to do. But it is in our obedience that we become active participants of God’s divine appointments and revival for our city.

It’s time you realize that you are who God wants to use to provoke divine appointments in the lives of others. You are the revival. You have been marked by God. You have a calling on your life. Vous means you. You are the one God is looking for, and a divine appointment with him is all you need to see miraculous changes in your life.

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