The sound of heavy cases being rolled across the pavement broke the silence of the empty schoolyard at Jose De Diego Middle School, as the first rays of sunlight began to poke through the clouds this Sunday morning.

In mere hours these halls would be lined with people teaming with excitement, a welcome crowd ready to receive all. As the morning light set in, and the buzz around the courtyard picked up, the atmosphere was clearly set. This is Sunday. This is home.

As the worship team closed in song, Pastor Rich approached the platform to encourage us with a message fitting for the new year: You’re Right! from a sequence of talks entitled New Years Naive.

You’re Right!

Everyone operates on some level of faith. Everyone has a thought pattern of what tomorrow has to hold. Some believe the best while some believe the worst. Reading from Colossians 3:2 we learn to “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

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“What have you set your mind on? What are you thinking? That’s who you are! Let’s think God thoughts. Let’s dream for more! Let’s expect God to work!”Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

Pastor Rich challenges us to consider that whichever way you are thinking— you are right! The thoughts you are thinking today will create the life in front of you. Your thoughts become actions, and your actions become your lifestyle. If you’re not careful you can start to convince yourself that this year will not be as good as last year.

New Service Times

This week continued to prove that God is moving within our church. As people lined up along the walls of the standing-room only auditorium, a new service time was announced. Beginning next Sunday, January 17th service times are now 10am, 12:30pm and 6pm. With Growth Track beginning at 2:30pm.

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#PrayFirst: 21 Days of Prayer

Join us each day through January 24th at 12PM on Periscope as we unite in prayer together. Join us on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm at the Miami Rescue Mission for 1 hour of prayer and worship together. For more details visit the #PrayFirst site.

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Want to be at the forefront of the creative expression of VOUS Church? Or maybe you’re just learning about your gifts and want to find out more. Creative Night is designed for you! We would love to meet you in Wynwood on Wednesday nights at the Miami Rescue Mission. For details about the night’s events, follow us on social media @vouschurch.

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