Although our calendars have set aside one day out of the year for us to honor our dads, there is no end to the many lessons and moments we cherish. Their role in our lives is an earthly reminder of the sacrificial and eternal love of our Heavenly Father, and we can demonstrate our appreciation by living a life that honors and glorifies Him.

There are memories of being encouraged when we were down, a sense of comfort and protection by his embrace, and a feeling that all is well just from being in dad’s presence. Others may not have experienced that kind of love, but fortunately, God serves as the ultimate Father who wants to set us up for a bright future!

Good Father

To place this idea into context, Pastor Rich introduced us to the story of two women in Luke 8:40-56. One 12 year old girl is lying on her deathbed as her father, Jairus, comes to Jesus on her behalf. The other is a woman who has been suffering with an issue of blood for 12 years, lost everything and is now an outcast.

Both were facing dire circumstances. One had a father who was a man of power and influence who turned to Jesus in her time of need. The other had to fight her way through the crowds to get to Jesus and receive her healing.


Whether it is your faith, or the faith of others, that moves God’s hands, He’s able. Not only is he able, He’s willing. Jesus didn’t forget the outcast on his way to see Jairus’ daughter. He was a father and healer, because to us He can be all we need. The fatherless are not at a disadvantage because He can be their father. Those who have enjoyed the relationship with an earthly father can turn to God and see His reflection in their father’s love. God’s love is so amazing because He is always there when we need Him. He is there to meet us where we are, heal our wounds and love us in a way that only a Father can. It is our faith that moves our Father’s heart and hand to do what no one else can do.

“Daughter, your faith has made you well.” Mark 5:34

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Meet Our dads

Let us introduce some of the VOUS dads, who shared with us our first ever Father’s Day! We love and bless them.

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