This weekend celebrations of America’s independence are underway with family, fun, and food; In the midst of this freedom weekend, The Vous Church family gathered for yet another celebration of freedom, the freedom of faith.

This freedom Sunday Pastor Rich continued the collection of talks on the Book of James and took us to another level, as he spoke about “Listening and Doing”. Two simple, everyday life actions.

Listening and Doing

James 1:19-27 explains that we need to be quick to listen and slow to speak. James tells us that anyone that listens to just the word, but takes no action is like “someone who looks at his face in the mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.”


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Now is the time to not only listen to the word, but, to also do what the word says. God’s word provides us with the information, but that information does not lead to transformation without application. James tells us how to apply that information in ways that can lead to the true transformation of our faith.

As James is speaking about practical faith, he is also challenging us to be strong and to fight, challenging us into action; actions to incorporate as we experience the challenges that come with the revelation, and the accompanying trials and temptations. James describes religion, one of the few times mentioned in the Bible, as “putting your faith into action,” action to fight these trials and temptations.


Pastor Rich gave us three practical handles to turn listening into action:

1. Talk Less

Listening comes before doing. Before doing anything for God, we must first receive from God; Prayer involves conversation and listening. True relationships value silence. Consider meditation in spending alone time with God, this can help to build a deep relationship with the Lord. Pray, listen, and allow God to download into your spirit.

2. Inquire deeper

Receive what the word of God tells us in the Bible, but also ask questions. Question, keep looking, and remain curious. Building one’s faith requires moving beyond the surface. The more you receive and understand God’s word, the more you strengthen your faith. Repetition yields Remembrance.

3. Draw closer

When we spend much time with the same group of friends­—the way they dress, talk, and act rubs off on us; the same can happen with God. Intimacy demands close proximity. As we draw closer to Him, He speaks to us in a still, small voice, and we become more like Him.
As we celebrate the independence of this beautiful land we call home, let us remember to live out the freedom given because of God’s love; not to merely listen, but also to do what the word says.

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