Many of us have driven, walked or even flown by a building that we could not help but marvel at. A building with all of its unique characteristics, ravishing design and overall purpose is first built brick by brick and stone by stone.

A building would not amount to much if not constructed upon the proper foundation. This is a depiction of how God envisioned the Church: for Jesus to be the cornerstone and for us to be that marvelous building where he abides.

A Building

As we dive in further into our collection of talks, “The Church,” we encounter another aspect of who we are in relation to the embodiment of the church of Jesus — a building. Pastor DawnChere offers a clear understanding that before God could act in us; he had to tear the veil that once divided the world from the presence of God in the temple of Jerusalem.

In order for us to be the building as living stones, we must understand these three main aspects:

Jesus is the cornerstone

In 1 Corinthians 3: 9-15 says Jesus is the foundation and cornerstone of our lives. No other foundation is adequate or sturdy enough to build upon. Jesus is the foundation who holds all parts together and we are the living stones that are used to build his church.

God the Father is the builder of all

The same God who created the Heavens and the Earth, parted the seas and breathed the stars into existence is building your life just as his church. Our living stones come together to be the church on top of the cornerstone and for those generations before us.

“God is building His church and if you are a part of His church then He is building you.” Pastor DawnChere Wilkerson

The Holy Spirit shapes us

You are fearfully and wonderfully made to be unique. However, you can only achieve it through imitating Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the one who shapes us into the image of Jesus and as we imitate Jesus, we become our original, authentic, and distinctive selves.

How do we exactly imitate Jesus? Simply follow his example. Follow his work, his love and his teachings. You cannot build upon of what has not been laid down. Lay your life down to be a living stone and be used to build God’s church. Be more than just a believer and be part of God’s building.

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