The Bride. I know what you’re thinking. Big white gown, tons of flowers, tears, laughs, and an absurd amount of confetti. And while this may be every little girl’s dream, this is not the bride Jesus called. The one he loves. His bride is you; it’s every single one of us.

This past Sunday, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. kicked off a collection of talks entitled, “The Church.” He focused on our identity as a church, not just Vous Church, but “The Church.” We were urged not to get caught up “doing” church but instead to “be” the church. A timeless assembly of people gathering under the name of Jesus is the meaning of church, or “Ekklesia” in Greek. Church is not a location, church is who we are and the way in which we will reach a lost and dying world. There are three metaphors that commonly describe the church: The Body, The Building, and The Bride of Christ. Why is The Church identified as the Bride of Christ?

The Church: A Bride

As his bride, we are chosen, accepted, redeemed, and loved for all that we are. It seems an unusual correlation, but three inherent qualities of marriage are represented in Christ’s relationship with The Church.

  1. Intimacy:

    Being known on a deeper level. As a church, we believe that God calls us to get to know him in a way that nobody else does. “Intimacy” can be broken down another way, “in-to-me-see”. He sees all of our flaws and loves us anyway. Likewise, he invites us to see him for all he is. Intimacy is built on trust and our God is trustworthy. We must walk out our faith in a way that tells God that he can trust us with his blessings.

  2. Protection:

    Just as a man would lay down his life to protect his wife, God is ready to protect his bride! Hallelujah! Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, he already interceded on our behalf; he has covered our sins and continuously protects us from the enemy. We may not measure up, but in the arms of Jesus, we are protected and redeemed.

  3. Having Rights:

    As we are united with Christ, we have rights to his name. Just as a wife takes on her husband’s name, we take on the name of Christ. As we gather, we come boldly before the throne of God with the expectation that when we call his name, he hears us and acts on our behalf.

It’s time to start acting out your identity as the bride of Christ! It’s time to take the church out of the four walls of a building and live church out. You may be the only church someone ever gets to experience. How will you be the church and proudly represent your relationship with Christ today?

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