Have you ever noticed that we live in a culture that is thirsty for love? We love love. Yet the challenge is that, while we are obsessed with the concept of love, we haven’t taken time to consider the commitment of love.

Many people go through life believing that love is simply a feeling. However, as soon as their feelings change, so does their love. People move from thirst to dehydration quickly. And when you are dehydrated you can’t function properly.  A lot of people date dehydrated and then wonder why every relationship ultimately turns out to be a mirage.

What is so interesting about Jesus is that he addresses this so clearly in John 4:14. He says,

“When you take a drink of my living water you will never thirst again.”

Why did he say this? Because he knew that we were thirsty. He knew that we were all on a search for satisfaction. All looking for fulfillment. We try to fill the empty spaces of our lives with things other than Jesus. Things that won’t satisfy us. They will only bring temporary relief.

You say, “I’m not thirsty.” Really? Let’s put it to the test.


You might be thirsty if…
  1. You are down to flirt to convert.
  2. God has repeatedly told you who you are supposed to marry, but hasn’t informed the other person.
  3. You invite yourself over to her house but you can’t invite her to church.
  4. You get jealous of the guy talking to the girl you like…even if he’s serving on the Host Team and helping her to her seat.
  5. You continue to pursue him, even though he’s never pursued you.
  6. The only time you prophecy is when she is pretty.
  7. You used to want a man that carries the cross and now you’ll settle for a man with a tattoo of a cross.
  8. You care more about being wanted than respected.
  9. You feel called to “lay hands.”
  10. You used to want somebody that builds God’s house and now you’ll take someone who pays their rent on time.
  11. You are willing to date your best friend’s ex.
  12. You spend more time flipping through Tinder profiles than you do flipping through chapters in your Bible.
  13. You’re a guy who only signs up to serve once a year…at VOUS GIRL.
  14. You care more about how you look than you do about who you are.

Although these were intended to make you laugh, the truth of the matter is that many of us are more thirsty than we realize or are willing to admit. We have to ensure that we aren’t dehydrated. Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves seeing things that aren’t really there.

We need to prepare ourselves today so that we are ready for tomorrow. As we focus on Jesus and on becoming the person that the person we are looking for is looking for, ultimately we are going to walk into healthy and fruitful relationships. Wherever you find yourself today, remember that we love you and God loves you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This Sunday, pastors Rich and DawnCheré will be starting a new 2-week collection of talks on relationships called Love That Lasts. It’s easy to fall in love, but how do you stay in love? Relationships are about more than romance. Join us this Sunday at one of our two locations as we learn how to develop a Love That Lasts.


10:00am / 12:30pm / 6:00pm
iTech Auditorium
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Jose De Diego Middle School
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