Last Week VOUS Church celebrated Vision Sunday as Pastor Rich spoke on the thought of Miracles in Motion. Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson made a huge announcement – they’re having their first baby after an eight-year journey of fertility struggles while embracing a time of purpose and patience. At VOUS Church, we believe that as we lay foundations and move forward, God will breathe on what we offer to him as he places our miracles in motions.

We also believe that VOUS Church is a Miracle in Motion, with more influence, growth, and opportunities for salvation than a church should have in such a short amount of time, but isn’t that just how our God works? God doesn’t wait until we think we’re ready, he waits for us to make space for him to move.

Just recently, VOUS Church made more space for God to continue to change this city, and beyond, with the launch of VOUS College. VOUS College offers a two-year degree for individuals of college age, preparing the next generation for more than a career path. The college supports the belief that excellence in education extends beyond the classroom and incorporates a curriculum that also develops character, creativity, and genuine community.

To live a life of influence, preparation is essential, and we can’t wait to prepare the next generation of world leaders. Let’s take some time to get to know a few of VOUS College’s inaugural students.

VOUS College students

I had been searching for a faith based college when they announced VOUS College. To me, that was an indication that God’s plan was for me to stay in Miami. I’m looking to develop leadership skills, mature in my faith and gain the knowledge to be of successful help to ministry. I hope that in five years’ time, I’ll be leading a faith based addiction rehabilitation center. Right now, though, I’m hoping to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and to learn more about the Bible!

— Alexandra, Operations Track

The time came recently for me to choose a college and move away from Miami. However, I didn’t want to because I wasn’t ready to leave my church. I fell so in love with VOUS that I didn’t believe it was my time to leave. Two weeks after I made my decision to put college on hold, Pastor Rich made a huge announcement about VOUS College. At that very moment, I knew God was faithful. I knew he was calling me to VOUS College. It was two things I love that came together by the glory of God. I see myself traveling the world and encouraging those who don’t know to overcome their battles, situations, and bringing them closer to God. I believe I can improve my time management, find balance in my life, and prepare myself for my future and what God has in store.

— Janelys, Operations Track

VOUS College class

I wanted to go to VOUS College because I want hands on ministry experience at one of the most forward thinking/creative church’s in America. During the next few years, I can’t wait to be molded and developed into the man of God He wants me to be. In the future, I see myself living in the city, being heavily involved within the local church…and hopefully in a serious romantic relationship. I’m really excited to find my place in VOUS, and to acquire and develop healthy and genuine relationships within the church.

— Richie, Creative Track

VOUS College was not in my plans at all, but I’ve learned that since God’s plans are always better than mine, I can trust Him to take me to new places. During my time at VOUS College, I am truly hoping to find myself not only more in love with Jesus, but letting go of what I think I know and embracing his will and letting him do with me what he has already planned for my life. I don’t have any idea where I’ll be five years from now, but I know where ever I am, I cannot wait because the best is truly yet to come.

— Paola, Kids Track

VOUS College student group
Armed with a deep love for God and the church, each VOUS College student is looking forward to an amazing future. We’re so excited for this Miracle in Motion, and we believe wholeheartedly that as we continue to equip leaders, we will continue to see our beautiful city transform for Jesus.