We’re halfway through the first week of our 21 days of prayer and fasting, and at this point we’re sure to have groceries on deck, social media apps deleted, and our favorite worship playlist in rotation. But have you prepared for prayer? You heard correct — have you prepared for prayer?

If we’re expecting God to do great things, we ought to be doing our part in preparing for those outcomes. There are many ways to approach prayer, but we’ll outline a prayer model that we use during our #PrayFirst gatherings — the ACTS model.

A – doration:

This is your moment to tell God what he means to you. Express your genuine love and adoration for him. Praise him for his infinite power, majesty, and overall goodness. This time is intended to focus solely on him, and all the beautiful things you admire about him.

C – onfession:

God wants an intimate relationship with us, and part of that is vulnerability. Take a moment to get real with God and confess your shortcomings to him. Be specific. Thank him for his grace, and ask him to give you the strength to resist future temptations.

T – hanksgiving:

When we pray, we should always give thanks, being mindful of the grace and mercy God has shown toward us. There are infinite reasons to give thanks to God. Get specific, and show God that you recognize his fingerprint on every detail of your life — even the small things!

S – upplication:

Lastly, there’s supplication. In this moment, we share the deepest desires of our heart with God. We ask him to supply our needs and the needs of others. And we humbly thank him in faith, acknowledging that he can do anything. There’s no need too small or desire too big for God to handle.


At VOUS Church, prayer is not our last resort, it is our first response. Join us tonight for a night of corporate prayer and worship.

Wednesday, August 16
Jose de Diego
3100 NW 5th Ave