Here at VOUS, we gather every SZN in VOUS crews, which are our small groups. Crews are how we make a large church feel small. VOUS Crews help build community, form friendships, and create an atmosphere to talk about Jesus.

If you’ve had an encounter with God that’s changed your life, chances are, you can think of someone else who you’d want to experience the same thing. While some people are hesitant to attend church, many are open to attending small groups.

Whether it’s someone who has been to church but is reluctant to get involved, or someone who has never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus, here are some practical tips to help you to invite someone to crew.

Build Personal Trust

What would you say if a person you’ve never met asked you to give up your weeknight to hang out with people you don’t know? You might say yes, but you may also be a little reluctant. When you take the time to build a foundation of trust with someone, or maybe even a friendship, they’re more likely to accept your invitation.

Be Brave

Crew isn’t just for someone who already goes to church. Why not invite your classmate or your coworker who’s been asking to hang out after work for months? People who you already know could be ore open to the idea of going to your small group than you might think.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and extend the invitation in a friendly and casual manner. The bottom line is, the worst they can say is “no thanks.” But they could say “yes,” and that makes it worth the risk.

Be Intentional

At VOUS Church, we believe that people find freedom in crews. How do you communicate this? How do you live this? Highlight the need for community and family and try to show how crew provides for that need.

Build that culture and vision within your crew, and your life, and allow others to model the same. Talking about how much crew has changed your life allows others to visualize what could happen in their own lives.

Follow Up

Not only do you want to invite people to crew, but you want to thank them for coming. Remember, these are the people you’re doing life with. Crew weeks are great, but crew members need to know that you’re available to pray and talk with them at any time.

Follow–up shows appreciation and accountability. It lets others know that you genuinely care and that you want to continue to build that trusting relationship.

Pray for your Crew

Jesus is the core of VOUS Crews, and prayer is an integral part of every gathering. It’s important to pray for the health and growth of your crew. Prayer can empower you to step out of your comfort zone and get fired up to see more people get into community.

Pray for the people you want to see join a crew, and ask God to cross your path with the right people, give you the right words, and give you the courage to extend the invitation.

Go to a VOUS Crew

Crews take place every other week and we would love for you to join us. Check out the schedule, choose a crew, sign up online and we will see you there!

Find a Crew Near You

Creative Collective

Creative Collective is an opportunity we get three times a year to gather all of our creative teams for a night of inspiration and vision as we look ahead to what’s to come in the next season. Join us!

Wednesday, October 25 at 7:30PM
The Flamingo Theater
905 Brickell Bay Dr