It’s VOUS Conf. season and as our anticipation continues to bubble up, we took a timeout from the hustle and bustle to think about some of the reasons we’re excited for conference.

1.) Leadership Development

You could be a pastor, entrepreneur, creative, or media personality, but one constant among all those niches is, the need for effective leaders who can empower, equip, and develop other leaders. Our breakout sessions will provide a space to grow as a leader, across different areas of interest.

2.) South Beach

Because it’s still 49 degrees and wet somewhere in the Northeast — snowbirds welcomed!
Don’t forget your SPF 100, sunnies, and chancletas. It’s gonna be a great weekend!

Sidenote: In case you don’t speak Miami, here’s the definition of chancleta:

Chancleta [Chahn•kle•tah]


1. Hispanic word for a cheap sandal or flip-flops; also known as chancla. Often found under the bed.
2. Often used as disciplinary tool to correct lamentable behavior.

3.) John Gray’s High Notes

Because what other communicator can make you laugh and cry at the same time?

4.) Merch

Fashion Week’s got nothing on VOUS Conf. Weekend. We’re pretty pumped about this year’s lookbook.