Design is one of the most powerful tools the church can use to communicate, but design done wrong can both dilute the message and damage it’s effectiveness. On the other hand, good design can elevate the message to reach an audience that might otherwise be missed.

Developing good habits is essential to any designer. Pedro Tuma, one of our art directors and lead designers at VOUS Church, shares some tips for designers to build into their code of conduct.

Sky’s The Limit

Push yourself daily. When you feel like giving up just keep going. Never stop growing and learning. Surround yourself with people who are better than you.


Communication is key. It is the purpose of design. Your design must communicate with it’s viewer. Also communication with your team is extremely important.


Love everything you do. Don’t let anything go out that you don’t personally like. Be proud of your work, but also don’t take criticism personally.


Never, never stop learning. Things evolve and change. Keep learning and developing your skills.


Keep it simple. Everyone loves simple. Keep it clean and straight to the point.


Be persistent, be passionate! No matter how many times you fail, get back up and keep going. To pursue your passion you’re going to need persistence.


Help others along the way. Lend a hand and always be willing to give advice or guidance. Always honor and acknowledge those who helped you. If someone does a good job, let them know!

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