The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. Some variation of this quote can be found on a cool graphic tee or a graphic from your favorite social media influencer’s carefully curated Instagram feed.

As cliche as the quote may seem, there is a practical sentiment in that statement. For creatives, in particular, we often find ourselves in a perpetual state of conceptualization. Our minds are filled with creative ideas, but how do we translate that vision into reality?

Step 1: Plan

Very seldom do you hear about someone dreaming of accomplishing what would be seen as a mundane task. Dreams can be lofty, and because of this, oftentimes we simply don’t know how to start. Planning is as simple and practical as writing down your dream, breaking it down into small chunks, and outlining how to accomplish your goal.

It’s so important to break our vision down into small, actionable chunks. This allows us to experience small wins that will give us momentum towards the grand vision. Every time we complete one of these micro-goals, we can celebrate! This keeps us moving forward in fulfilling the task or project God placed in our hearts.

Step 2: Don’t be afraid to go. Trust the process!

Our visions and ideas can grow beyond what we may believe is in our ability to accomplish. If we wait until every detail is perfect until we move forward, we’ll end up stuck or experience regression.

If we embrace the fact that every step towards realizing our vision will not be perfect, we’ll be able to move forward when we apply what we learn that we are able to refine and improve upon what we’ve already done.

“The difference between procrastination and rest, is intention”

Step 3: Deadline! Trust Your Intuition.

A healthy practice for the creative process is to know when to rest, and knowing when your work is done. We have a tendency to over criticize our work, and drive ourselves crazy trying to perfect every….last…..detail. When we set realistic deadlines for ourselves, we push ourselves to finish what we started and allow ourselves the time to analyze our work.

Set a deadline, and trust that once that deadline is reached, the work you created is good, and you’re ready to move on to the next project.

Creative realization is all about knowing your plan and setting an intention to move forward. It’s a risk to create, but if we trust and enjoy the journey of creating along the way, we’ll accomplish what we set out to do.

Recently, our creative team at VOUS had this exact conversation and it went a little something like this.

VOUS Conference

We’re really excited about VOUS conference this year because we’re bringing back breakout sessions. During our creative breakouts, we will be having all sorts of conversations like this, addressing some of the pain points that we, as creatives, face. Come join the conversation!

I Don’t Want To Miss It

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