Step into our weekly Wednesday night gathering located in the middle of thriving Wynwood and you’ll quickly see why it’s called Creative Night. ​

Musicians are tuning, vocalists are warming up, audiovisual leaders are powering on projectors, lighting and sound engineers are connecting cables and adjusting faders. Artists, designers, stylists and photographers are sprinkled about—just about every creative team is represented.

It’s here at Creative Night that people have a chance to discover and join the different teams that collaborate within our church. It’s a beautiful picture of the diversity of gifts that God has given us coming into full view as we gather together to express those gifts for the enrichment of the body of Christ.

This past week, as the worship team rehearsed a new song for their Sunday set, we enjoyed a beautiful testimony and valuable advice from graphic designer and local artist, Pedro Tuma. His passion for serving God and the community through creative expression energized the room. Pedro shared the mission of VOUS Church – to bring people who are far from God close to God – and demonstrated how we achieve that through good design. “It’s all about teamwork and challenging yourself,” he said.

Georgeana Pacheco, one of the designers in the group, enjoyed the round table Q&A and said, “I love that the force behind everything in VOUS is to serve God. Even during creative night, Pedro said a prayer for us. Through collaborating and being creative, I am inspired by everyone around me.”

​​All Creatives Welcome

Want to be at the forefront of the creative expression of VOUS Church? Or maybe you’re just learning about your gifts and want to find out more. Creative Night is designed for you! We would love to meet you in Wynwood on Wednesday nights at the Miami Rescue Mission. For details about the night’s events, follow us on social media @vouschurch.

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