The Vous Church community came together recently at the Little Haiti Cultural Center for our third and final Creative Collective of 2016. This was an evening of inspiration, culture, and leadership as well as a chance for us to look ahead to the vision of SZN1 2017 – Heaven.

Creative Collective is an event we look forward to every season. It is a night for all creative teams to gather and look forward to the coming season. This time around Luke Barry hosted a panel of creative team leaders including Pedro Tuma, Geri Del Vento, Aaron Severtson, and Emmanuel Keith. Together, they gave us a glimpse of how SZN 1 will look like next year. Then they broke down the creative process for their respective teams (design, environments, stage design, video, and social media). From ideation to execution, each one helped us understand how each season comes alive.

A Creative Community

We are a church that believes in community. In the creative process, this means brainstorming and collaborating, and understanding that we are all works in progress. We’re not married to ideas nor do we ever want to be a church that does things just because we’ve always done them that way. Rather, we are open to change, redirection, plans B and C. We do not get defensive if our ideas are challenged. Instead, we choose to encourage each other and challenge each other to move forward in new ways as we honor God in our creations.

Each of our creative teams is as diverse as our church – a rainbow of ethnicities, ages, backgrounds, styles, and talents. Some of us are highly skilled professionals in our crafts while others may be venturing into a particular creative realm for the first time. Either way, people are our heart and we believe in being patient with each other. And we all have a story. Each face, each name, each soul – we’ve all been created perfectly and uniquely by God – and we believe in sharing our stories and learning from our individual journeys so that we may tell the greatest story of all – the story of Jesus Christ.

Creative Collective is about moving in unison and collaborating towards a vision not only for the next season of our church creatively, but for our individual lives as we follow Jesus Christ. Just as we may create with a paintbrush or a guitar, we create everywhere we go. We create the love and the culture and the look and the harmony in our homes. We create the energy and the attitude and the passion we bring into our workplaces and our relationships. We create with the verbiage we choose. We create with our smiles. We create when we lift each other up. We create with a loving touch. With a humble spirit. With a forgiving heart. Kindness, peace, joy – they are all created through us by Jesus Christ so that we may show the world heaven on earth.

Learn About Tiago’s Story

Tiago is a mix media artist who has traveled to the most exciting cities in the world with his creations. His story, shared during Creative Collective, is an example of how creativity heals, creativity restores, and how creativity ignites life-changing moments with our creator.

Heaven on Earth

Read Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s talk on Creative Collective

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Creative Night

Want to be at the forefront of the creative expression of VOUS Church? Or maybe you’re just learning about your gifts and want to find out more. Creative Night is designed for you! We would love to meet you in Wynwood next Wednesday night at the Miami Rescue Mission. For details about the night’s events, follow us on social media @vouschurch.

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