The Little Haiti Cultural Center was alive and awake with God’s presence this week as we gathered for our first ever Creative Collective. From the greeters down the street to the smiling faces at the front door, the energy and momentum of the evening was tangible.

Creative Collective is a time for our community to gather as members of a vibrant circle of artists, innovators, musicians, and enthusiasts— all committed to building God’s church. Da Vinci, Picasso, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky all created masterpieces that continue to move and inspire us long after their creation.

“A masterpiece is an artist’s finest work, and we are God’s masterpiece; God thinks of us as his finest work.”Luke Barry

Showcase: SZN 2

An important highlight of the evening took form in the showcase of creativity that has shaped the identity and story of our church. Inspiration boards hung from the ceiling setting in motion the visuals that will shape the look and feel for Season 2; a preview of what’s ahead.

As part of the showcase, our very own, Pastor Dawncheré, led us in worship, “Jesus I need you, every breath I breathe you,” with VOUS Church’s first single, Your Word Remains.


You Have A River

Addressing all those in the room, Pastor Rich spoke of our call to creativity. The church of Jesus Christ should be the most creative place on the planet because the Bible says we are created in the image of God, and there is no one or nothing more creative than Him. There are God-like tendencies in all of us, so we are born with an inate ability to create. The question isn’t: Am I creative? The question is: How am I creative?


God never allowed nothing to stop him from creating something.Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

So, how are we managing creativity inside of us? Here are three thoughts from God’s creative process:

1. Create out of imagination, not memory:

You cannot accomplish that which you have never imagined. God created something out of nothing. Once creation becomes a routine, it’s time to change.

2. It takes perspiration and inspiration:

Lack of creativity is often a lack of effort. Creatives often live either/or, but God has called us to a both/and world. Ideation without execution only leads to frustration. We need a boundary and space of margin, because in extra space we find inspiration and can hear God’s calling.

3. Dreams without deadlines are just fantasies:

After creating, God finished and said “It is good.” We can get swept up in perfecting our work, but at some point we need to step back, finish, and say “It is good,” so that we can be ready for the next thing God has planned for us.

Listen to the Full Message

Finishing strong together

As we ended the night, the final thought that echoed through our hearts was that God values collaboration. The greatest detriment to creativity is division. We are encouraged to move forward and share our creativity with one another and collaborate as a community – bringing light into the dark – letting the rivers flow. The best is ahead of us.

​​Creative Night

Want to be at the forefront of the creative expression of VOUS Church? Or maybe you’re just learning about your gifts and want to find out more. Creative Night is designed for you! We would love to meet you in Wynwood on Wednesday nights at the Miami Rescue Mission. For details about the night’s events, follow us on social media @vouschurch.

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