10 Things You Might Not Know About Sandcastle Kings

What an amazing week it’s been! With the release of Sandcastle Kings I thought it would be fun to share a few facts about the book with you. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Kanye West and the Donda team designed the cover.
  2. Carl Lentz wrote the foreword.
  3. My old college buddy David Hicks helped me in the writing process of the book.
  4. Sandcastle kings was originally called Chapter 7.
  5. It took about a year to write.
  6. The original concept came from 4 sermons I preached from Luke 7 in a series of evangelistic outreach nights on South Beach in Miami.
  7. I usually do my best writing late at night. I pulled many all nighters.
  8. The location where we shot the book trailer had no AC. I thought I was going to pass out.
  9. The audio book took me 9 hours to read… I thought that was pretty good.
  10. I get nervous to sign books for people because I have the handwriting of a doctor. (But I’m not a doctor. Lol) and I don’t know how to spell well.

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In Sandcastle Kings, Rich Wilkerson uses four powerful stories from the seventh chapter of Luke to explain why spiritual fulfillment cannot be found in ourselves, in other people, in material things, or even in religion. Order your copy of Pastor Rich’s book Sandcastle Kings today!

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